'Camard Newtown' and 'Claris Junction' are stations on the WSLR. This originally stood for the 'West Shropshire Light Railway' but it is hoped that an Irish atmosphere and features can be introduced to the layout so it will morph into the 'West Sligo'. These railways are entirely fictitious and as for the station names, think Apple and anagrams. 'Trewicam' will soon join the two other stations to produce a layout of overall dimensions 5000m x 260mm, comprising 3 working station dioramas linked by two intermediate plain track boards.

The track is hand-built, constructed using code 30 rail, available from the 2mmSA, to a gauge of 6.5mm which represents a little over 3ft at a scale of 2mm/ft. 6.5mm gauge enables the use of z gauge chassis for locos and z scale and Nn3 components (wheel sets, bogies etc.) Of course, the skilled modeller is perfectly at liberty to scratch build stock if time and ability is available and the mood takes him, or her.

Peco produce a couple of 'N6.5' whitemetal loco body kits to fit the Marklin 0-6-0 z gauge chassis. The picture below shows a model approximating to the Glyn Valley Tramway Beyer Peacock tram loco, together with a 10p piece to show the scale.

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